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selling comics and graphic novels

This is the same as the previous list only everything is alphabetical.  Duplicates will not be indicated.  Additionally, outside of cover variants, annotations have been removed.

All-Star Western 1-2 (DC New 52)

Amazing Spider-Man 568,570,648,654
Amazing Spider-Man 568,569,571-573 (Variant)

Angel: Blood and Trenches #1
Angel After the Fall:  10-14,19,21-23,25,27,30,31(Cover A)
Angel After the Fall:  10-18,20,26,28,29,32-35, Annual (Cover B)\
Angel:After the Fall: 24 (Cover C)
Angel:Only Human 1 cover b

Astonishing Thor 1-2

Avengers: The initiative 15-17
Mighty Avengers 17-19 (Secret Invasion tie in)
New Avengers 50(Dark Reign) Signed by Bendis
Dark Avengers 1(Signed by Bendis)*
Secret Invasion: Dark Reign one shot (Signed by Bendis)
Dark Reign:The List Avengers one shot
Avengers Prime 1-5
New Avengers 44-49, 51-64
New Avengers Annual 3
New Avengers Finale
Free Comic book day Avengers by Bendis
Avengers 1-10warped boards, books in NM condition, 2010)
Dark Avengers 2-16
Dark Avengers Annual 1
New Avengers Vol 2 #1-14
Avengers The Children's Crusade 1-6

Batman and Robin 1 (DC New 52)
Batwing 1,2 (DC New 52)
Batman Inc.  Leviathan Strikes One Shot(Grant Morrison)
 Batman 620-625, 628-631 ,  678-685 687-699, 704-708*
Batman Widening Gyre 1-6(Kevin Smith)
Batnan: Cacophony 1-2 (Kevin Smith)
Batman:The Doom that came to Gotham 1-3(Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy)
Batman 686 (Neil Gaiman, WHTTCC 1 of 2)
Detective Comics 853(Neil Gaiman, WHTTCC 1 of 2)
Batman:Detective Comics #1 (DC New 52)
Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder 10(Frank Miller)
Batman Beyond #1-2(2011)
Batman:The Return of Bruce Wayne #2

Batgirl vol 4 #1(New 52)

Birds of Prey 1-2(Gail Simone 2010)

Blackhawks #1( DC New 52)

Brave and the Bold 27-30,32-35  (JMS team up stories)

Brilliant (Icon by Brian M. Bendis) 1

Brightest Day 0-8

Buffy Season 8 #6-7 (Never read, but not boarded)
Buffy Season 8 16,-18,20-21,36-38,40 (1:4 variant cover)
Buffy Season 8 Willow One Shot
Buffy Season 8 16-19,22-35,39 (Jo Chen Variant cover)
Buffy Season 9, #1

Marvel Knights Captain America 17-31

Casanova Luxuria 1-4 (Icon color version)
Casanova Gula 1-2 (Icon Color Version)

Chew 1(Image Firsts reprint)
Chosen 1-3(Mark Millar)

Civil War: The confession ( slightly less than near mint)

Daken: Dark Wolverine 1-6,8-9

Daredevil Reborn 1-2

Dark Reign: The Cabal one Shot

Deadpool #2,8,10-13(Vol 4)*
Deadpool 9(Second Print Variant) (Magnus Opus Crossover)

Demon Knights 1-4 (DC New 52)

Fables 86-113.
Cinderella:Fables are Forever 1

Fantastic Four 579-588
Fantastic Four 587(sealed in death Bag)
FF 1-11
Fantastic Four 600

FCBD Doctor Solar/Magnus
Fear Itself 1-7 (Marvel Event)

Five Ronin(Marvel, ) #1

Flash (Vol. 3)  1-12
Flash Rebirth 1-3
Flashpoint: Reverse Flash One Shot
Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries One Shot
Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost:  1
Flashpoint 1-5
Flashpoint: Project Superman 1-3
Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman 1-3
The Flash #1 (DC New 52)

The Fury Of Firestorm (DC New 52)

The Goon 1-10

Green Arrow 31-32(vol 4)
Green Arrow 1-2(Vol 5)
Green Arrow and Black Canary 10-23

Green Hornet Free Comic Book Day 1

Green Lantern 33-43 (Geoff Johns)
Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns(Geoff Johns)
Green Lantern Corps 26-38
Blackest Night 0
Blackest Nights 1-7 (Signed by Geoff Johns)
Green Lantern 44- 51(signed by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke) Blackest Night tie in
Green Lantern Corps  39-45 (Signed by Pat Gleason and Peter Tomasi) Blackets Night tie in
Green Lantern corps 46-47,58-59
Blackest Night 8
Green Lantern 52-65
Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 8,9

Hawkeye Blindspot: 1-4
Widowmaker 1-4
Black Widow 6-8
Hawkeye and Mockingbird 1-6

Hellboy: The Fury 3 (Death of Hellboy)

Heroes For Hire (Vol. 3) 1-3

Incredible Hulk (2011) 1, 2 (Jason Aaron)
Iron Man 2.0 #1

Jericho Season 3:Civil War  1-4

Joe the Barbarian 1 (Grant Morrison

Jurassic Park 1(IDW) Cover A
Jurassic Park 2(IDW) Cover B
Justice League 1 (DC New 52)
Justice League Dark 1(DC New 52)

Kevin Smith's Bionic Man 1

Kickass 5,7-8(Mark Millar)

Loki(2010) 1-.3(possibly 4 if I can find it)

The Losers #1 (After Watchmen Reprint)

Mystery Men 1-2

Powers (Vol. 3) 6*
Powers 7(Bendis, vol 3)

Powerman and Iron Fist(2011) 1-2
Shadowland: Powerman 1-4

RED 1-3 ( Warren Ellis, basis for Movie of same name)

Robocop #1 (Dynamite, Rob Williams)

Secret Invasion 5-7
Secret Invasion 6,8 (signed by Bendis)

Secret Warriors 1-6,20-28
Siege: Secret Warriors one Shot

Severed 1-4 (Scott Snyder)

SHIELD 1-6, infinite
SHIELD (Vol. 2) 1

Siege 1-4
Siege:The Cabal One Shot

Six Guns 1(Marvel by Andy Diggle)

Spider-Woman 1-4( Bendis/Maleev)

Spike:After the fall 1-4 (Cover A)
Spike After the Fall 1-4(Cover B)

Suicide Squad #1( DC New 52)

Superman: Action Comics 1-2( DC New 52)
Superboy by Jeff Lemire 1
Superman 700-708 (Grounded Storyline)
War of the Supermen 0-4
Superman: New Krypton one shot(Chapter one of New Krypton)
Superman 681-683(Chapters 2,6,9)
Adventure Comcs The Guardian one shot(Chapter 3)
Action comics 871-874(Chapters 4,7,10,13)
Supergirl 35(Chapter 5)
Action Comics 866-870 (Braniac story arc, Geoff Johns)
Supergirl 33,34
Action Comics 860-865(Geoff Johns arc)
Superman 204-208 (Jim Lee and Brian Azzerello For Tomorrow arc)

Swamp Thing 1-7(Vol.4, Andy Diggle)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(IDW, 2011) 1 cover D
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(IDW, 2011) 2-3 cover B

Thief of Thieves 1-3 (Robert Kirkman/Nick Spencer book, soon to be a TV series)

Thor: For Asgard 1-6
Secret Invasion: Thor 1 (Fraction)
Thor God Sized
Iron Man/Thor Free Comic Book Day
Mighty Thor 1-6(Matt Fraction)
Thor 600-621,620.1
Thor Giant Sized Finale

*Thunderbolts Reason in Madness One Shot*
Thunderbolts 122-141 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)

Vengeance 1(Marvel, By Joe Casey)

Umbrella Academy:Dallas 1-6
Unwritten 22
Unfunnies 1-2(Mark Millar)

Ultimate Fantastic Four 1-16
Ultimate Iron Man II #5
Ultimate Nightmare 1-3,5
Ultimate Xmen 96-97
Ultimate Captain America Annual #1
Ultimatum 1-3

Venom 2-4
Venom 1 (Second Printing)

Walking Dead 72-88
Walking Dead 1(Image Firsts Reprint)
. War Machine 1-12 (Dark Reign)
Weapon X 6-17(varying from Near mint to fine)
Weapon X 19-28(Varying from near-mint to fine)

Wolverine #1 (Jason Aaron, Wolverine goes to Hell)
Wolverine Weapon X #1 (Second Printing)
Wolverine Weapon X #2
Wolverine and Jubilee 1-4
Wolverine and The X-men #1-2

Wonder Woman 600-614 (Vol.3 JMS Odyssey )
Wonder Woman 1-3(DC New 52)
X-23 #1-15

X-Men/Dark Avengers Exodus one shot(Utopia)
Dark X-Men: The Confession
Dark Reign The List: X-Men 1
X-force 25
Uncanny X-men 500-503(Signed by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction)
Uncanny X-men 504-507, Annual 2 (signed by Matt Fraction
Uncanny X-Men 508-522, 526-533
X-Men Legacy 238
.Uncanny X-Men the Heroic Age One shot
Astonishing X-Men 25-27
New Mutants 1 ( Zeb Wells)
X-men The life and times of Lucas Bishop 1
X-Men/Dark Avengers Utopia One Shot

Some other new 52 titles:
Stormwatch 1,2 (DC New 52)
Captain Atom 1,2 (DC New 52)
DC comics Presents: Deadman 1 (DC New 52)
The Shade 1 (DC comics New 52)
I, Vampire 1 (DC comics New 52)
Aquaman 1(DC comics New 52)
OMAC 1,2 (DC New 52)

Graphic Novels, Hardcovers, and Trades

Thor Vol. 1 by J. Michael Strazynski(Hardcover)
Thor Vol. 2 By JMS(Hardcover)
House of M (Paperback, Cover is a bit bent out of shape)
Daredevil Yellow (Paperback)
Hulk Grey (Paperback)
Punisher:Welcome Back, Frank(Paperback)
Fables book 4 Hardcover (broken inner spine, dust jack damage)
Fables Book 4 Hardcover ( small 2 inch by quarter inch piece of page ripped out of a nonstory/cover page)
Superman: Death of Superman(paperback)
Superman: World Without a Superman(paperback)
The Return of Superman (paperback)
Superman: Our Worlds at War(paperback)
Superman: Doomsday (paperback)
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (Paperback)
Superman/Batman Public Enemies(Hardcover)
Superman vol.5 President Lex (paperback)
Green Arrow Vol 1-7(paperbacks)
Batman: the Dark Knight Returns (paperback)
Batman: Year One paperback
Fury paperback
Banner paperback
Cage paperback
Identity Crisis paperback
Nightwing Year One
Ultimate Spider-Man vol 15 (paperback)
Ultimate Spider-man vol 16(paperback)
Ghost Rider vol 1 by Daniel Way
Ultimate Spider-man vol 3:Venom (paperback)
The Crow (paperback)
The Ultimates vol 1, vol1 (paperback)
The Punisher army of one(paperback)
Punisher: Franken Castle(Hardcover)
Punisher: Business as usual(paperback)
100 bullets 1-4 paperback
Persepolis (complete paperback)
Fables Vol 3 (paperback)
Fables Vol 13(paperback)
Ultimate X-men 15:Cable(paperback)
Watchmen (Paperback)[Rochelle 10.00]
Cordior (paperback)
Batman: Dark Victory (paperback)
Death Note Vol. 8(paperback manga)
Gundam Seed Vol. 1(paperback manga)

And as a separate lot I have Punisher MAX vol 1, #1-16 in NM condition.

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Scoring System

Beginning in 2012, I've changed my scoring system to be a 100-based system.  This scoring system is not your standard 100-based system, but instead will use appropriate benchmarks to utilize the entire spectrum.  The aim is that the 50 mark will be Average.  The plan is to give more weight to 7, 8 ,9 and the basically impossible ten.  Furthermore, the review itself needs to reflect the benefits and weaknesses of the game/movie/comic.  Next, Despite having a rating, the review should be more important to you than actual score. 
I will also be including a blurb with the score to reflect a hate/dislike/meh/like/Loved.  Hopefully these two systems in conjunction with each other will better reflect my tastes.  Why?  Because I sometimes Love games/Movies/comics that I'd rate a 3, and hate movies/games/comics that I'd rate an 8. 
Finally, I will not be making any projections about what will get reviewed or forgotten.  It'll be solely whim based.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trade Waiting List for the Month of Febuary

Each month I plan to highlight the books I intend to pick up.  Some might get reviewed early, some late.  Some maybe none at all.  But as part of reviews of Trades and Hardcovers I'll be scudding reviews of not just the content but the artifact itself.  In between releases I might post reviews of elements of my collection that I haven't read in a given format.  For example I read IronMan month to month, but just got the second Oversized Hardcover(OHC) and so reading it in that format will be interesting.
This month's first item is the Hawkman Omnibus by Geoff Johns.  Being a rather Large volume, it might take a bit before I have time to review it. 

The other items that are currently on tap for February include American Vampire Vol. 3, Fables Book four.
  But I could see the TPBs of Manhunter showing up as reviews. 
Overall this month appears light, but a handful of books slipped from February to March so let us see if any slip back.

Two Returns - Me and Before Watchmen

Well it's been a while. 

First off for those who somehow don't know, Before Watchmen was announced today.  This is a series of miniseries and an epilogue that all together will form a story together.  You can find the exact details and creative teams both Here and Here.  But that isn't why we are here today.

I want to talk about my thoughts.  Here's what I've been posting as a reply:

"Here's how I look at it. DC has been continually trying to drag the mainstream kicking and screaming into this industry. They NEED to increase the core audience; the fact that they appear to care about the stories they are telling and have gotten some talent involved is icing on the cake. If you look at the overall numbers, the New 52 is failing to bring in overall new readers. At least in the numbers DC had hoped for. Before Watchmen could theoretically bring in enough outside, original readers in that we might not have to worry about losing this entire industry to something cheaper. I know that I'm at least checking out the first issues to see if they are worth reading."

We can't pretend like the comic industry isn't dying of cancer.  It has an audience, but that audience is barely holding these companies up.   If we do we could see a real and true collapse of the mainstream comic lines. 
Yes, there are reasons to not support this endeavor.  But hear me out.  First Off, I'm a huge supporter of creators having control of their creations.  I get scared when writers who aren't Greg Rucka start using Renee Montoya.  But I also accept that these are characters owned by other creators.  But if no one else ever got to play with these toys, then we'd never get great stories.  Imagine if Frank Miller had never gotten to take on Daredevil.  What if Claremont never got to touch X-Men, or Bendis never got to create Ultimate Spider-Man.  But  characters do not belong to their creators.  They belong to everyone.  So I understand that we live in a capitalist society that everything must be MINE MINE MINE but we never consider what else could be done.  I don't want this to become a giant ad for the public domain, but man, without it we wouldn't have Fables or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  We need to let go of this sense of ownership. 
Next we need to stop condemning DC and Marvel for trying to make more money.  These aren't tactics to bring in more money.  Well, yes, they are.  But that isn't the key part.  They are trying to bring in more people.  Our industry needs a bigger audience.   The Dark Knight made a billion dollars.  Comics should be able to make One percent of that.  And yet they don't.  Not anywhere close.  So when you think comics, what is the single most critically acclaimed piece that DC owns?  Watchmen.  Of course they should try and tap this vein.  But that isn't why I support it.  These creative teams are good creators.  Hopefully together they will form some fantastic works.  But I don't think DC will let them be bad.  For two reasons. If they go bad, any potential new audience they've drawn in using this and the New 52 will fly away and this will be for naught.  Two, I don't think they want 8 million emails and letters telling them they screwed the pooch. 
This all goes back to my favorite lesson comic fans can't seem to get:  wait until it comes out before you judge it.  At the very least give it a shot and go in with an open mind. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spoiler Warning: Issue 9

Spoiler Warning. Issue Nine.

This is going to be a new style of discussion for things that haven't ended yet. There is an obvious spoiler warning attached and these are all my best aproximations of what's to come.

Our topic today? Doctor Who Season Six Part Two.

Monday, August 22, 2011

C-Note Returns!: Trade Waiting Edition #1

C-Note Returns!:  Trade Waiting Edition #1
For graphic novels and trades there is a short list when it comes to September.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spoiler Warning: Issue Eight.

Spoiler Warning. Issue Eight.

This is going to be a new style of discussion for things that haven't ended yet. There is an obvious spoiler warning attached and these are all my best aproximations of what's to come.

Our topic today? Season Two of Walking Dead.